Kettle Kabin


Family owned and operated company based out in the northwest burbs of Chicago. I have been making Kettle Korn and Cinnamon Roasted Nuts for over 20 years. We started the Kettle Kabin 12 years ago so I could continue offering the wonderful taste of Kettle Korn and Roasted Nuts to the Chicagoland area.

We hear all the time that our Kettle Korn is different than others, and that is because I have mastered the art of making our unique taste of Kettle Korn and each batch is made with love.

We cook the Roasted Nuts in a German roaster making sure each nut is coated in plenty of cinnamon and sugar. Kettle Korn is a wholesome, delicate and crunchy all-natural snack. We make it crispy, slightly sweet and lightly salted made with NO peanut oil. It’s twirl-around-the-room-delicious!

Have an Event?

We can do corporate events, festivals, grand openings, parties, golf outings, or any event that you are having. We can handle most food requests for your event. All of our food is prepared out of our fun wooden log trailer, for a fun experience. If you’re interested, please contact us !


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